This poem was contributed by Adeya as part of our summer challenge.


An Anti-racism Poem

Being racist isn’t fun,
Being racist isn’t cool.
If you’ve ever been racist, then you are a fool.

It is happening to people all around the world
And half of these are children, around 11 or 12.

They shouldn’t have to go through this in their early life,
Because people including me have, and it’s not nice.

So let’s stop it happening today:
If you hear people being racist, stop it right away.

Race, religion, doesn’t mean a thing,
It shouldn’t have to, but it’s an ongoing thing.

You don’t grow up to be racist, because it’s taught,
In part it’s due to your parents’ thoughts

Growing up racist isn’t something you want to be,
Because in the end, we bleed the same blood
And we are blood family.

Written by Adeya, 15.