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Ministry and Vocations: Training and development

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Alongside courses and events offered within the Diocese, clergy may look further afield for training. Grants are often available and a conversation with your Area Director of Ministry will assist in identifying appropriate opportunities and resources. If you are a Licensed Lay Minister, training and development information specifically for your role is available here.

Initial Ministerial Education Phase 2 (IME2) is delivered as part of a three-year curacy and is designed for both stipendiary and self-supporting clergy. This page provides information and resources for Training Incumbents.

Continuing Ministerial Development: There is a mutual responsibility and expectation for on-going support, training and development between clergy and the Diocese. All clergy are actively encouraged to undertake an annual programme to update their theological and associated studies, practical skills and their own areas of theological interest and expertise. More information is here, and resources for grants and other expenses is available here.

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All licensed clergy are expected to undertake regular Ministerial Development Reviews (MDR). Every three years they are due a 360 degree Extended Ministerial Review (EMR). Full details of these processes can be found here and will be overseen by your Area MDR Administrator. To become an MDR consultant, please read the job description.

A variety of materials for use throughout your ministry.

Fundraising training opportunities

Your Area Director of Ministry (ADM) is always an excellent person to contact if you have questions and would like more information and resources. Please also spend time exploring the Ministry web pages as much of the information that you may need should be contained within.

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The Diocese provides a wide range of courses and events for continuing ministerial development for both ordained and lay ministers. Information on lay events is available here, and dates and booking via Eventbrite for clergy are available here. All ordinands and LLM candidates need to complete Safeguarding ‘Leadership Level’ training before ordination / licencing and must then complete a refresher course every three years. Current Safeguarding events are listed here.

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