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Ministry and Vocations: Ministry Experience Scheme in London Diocese

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London is a huge and diverse mission field, with wealth and poverty on the same streets, young and old, and over with 250 languages spoken representing its ethnic and religious diversity.

The Church of England in London is dynamic and seeking to find relevant ways to reach 21st Century London.  We have plans to plant over 400 new worshipping communities by 2030.  We have over 800 ministries expressing compassion to the needs of the people of London.  We are actively seeking to Care for God’s Creation by every church being an Eco Church.

Do you want to help us in our mission, to make a difference by offering yourself for a year to God’s service?

You will get immersed in a local church and all its ministry.  You could be doing youth work, helping at a foodbank, helping on Alpha, helping with a church’s social media, learning what priesthood is all about, joining in daily prayers and maybe preaching on Sundays.

You could get to live in Christian community with other interns.  And we will invest in your formation through meeting together as interns and engaging in an evening a week of theological study at St Mellitus College.


Because London is so big we have 4 schemes within the diocese (each page has more info about their scheme)





You can choose any of the schemes as they have different flavours being situated in different parts of London.  Kensington, Stepney and Willesden work closely together and do joint interviews to help you find the right place for you to grow in the Lord.

Check us out and do apply for a September start

Apply here for Kensington, Stepney and Willesden




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