Ministry and Vocations: Vocation

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If you think you may have a calling and would like to explore more, the first step is to speak to your vicar if you are a member of a church. If you are not a member of a church, we encourage you to make contact with your local church as calling is normally nurtured within a Christian community. You can search for options near you here.

For those guiding individuals, there are signposts as well as resources available to encourage vocation and lay discipleship. We also provide guidance for the discernment process within the diocese and the Church of England for lay and ordained ministers.

As you prayerfully travel your journey of discernment, please take time to explore the rich and varied materials available to help you work out which way you are called to serve.

Resources for Those Supporting Others

If you are ordained and beginning to help others find their path, the Diocese has a variety of resources and signposts to help you provide a range of supports.


The first point of contact as your explore your vocation is your local vicar. As you move through the process, you will meet a range of others invested in supporting individuals seeking to expand their involvement in the church. A few of the Diocese’s main contacts are below.

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