Ministry and Vocations: Vocation

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Do you think you have a calling? Have other people mentioned your skills and work and suggested that you do more? Often, other people will see a calling in you before you are able to articulate it yourself. If this is something you are interested in exploring, the first step is to speak to your vicar if you are a member of a church. Additional information and resources are also available below, and for ADOs working with candidates considering ordained ministry, some important information to consider early on in the process includes questions that will be asked of candidates and the Diocese of London’s principles of financial support for ordinands.

Messy Cathedral gets the thumbs up.

We believe that everybody has a calling. What’s yours?

As you prayerfully travel your journey of discernment, please take time to explore the rich and varied materials available to help you work out which way you are called to serve.

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