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Use our range of 'how to' guides in the fundraising toolkit to be more effective in your fundraising campaigns. Find out about training seminars and workshops taking place near you, or contact a member of the fundraising team to discuss your fundraising needs.

All churches rely on fundraising to resource their mission and are often seeking ways to increase their income. These guides are for parishes and their clergy who want to better engage their congregations and communities or apply to trusts and foundations for support.

Fundraising toolkits

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Trusts and foundations

A toolkit to help you before embarking on trust and foundation fundraising.

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Community fundraising

How to develop a friends group, examples of profitable community events and stories of success.

Friends in church

Capital campaigns

Tools and templates that will help any parish capital project fundraising campaign take shape.

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Gifts in wills programme

Best practice and ideas to inspire and ask you to reflect on your current gifts in wills programme.

Training and support

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Information from training sessions

Information from training sessions run by the @fundmychurch team.in the Diocese of London.

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Seminars and workshops

Opportunities to learn new skills and come together to discuss how best to raise funds.