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As a Diocese we have made a commitment through Capital Vision 2020 to be more confident in speaking and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Media Support

If there is an issue in your parish that you think might attract media interest, please contact our media team as early as possible:

Tel: 020 7618 9106
Email: dioceseoflondon@nullluther.co.uk

Help and resources

We have brought together services and communications resources to help the network to speak and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

The communications team and media support

The core communications team is made up of staff at London Diocesan House, supported by a media team provided by ‘Luther Pendragon’, a London-based communications agency.

Media Team

Tel: 020 7618 9106
Email: dioceseoflondon@nullluther.co.uk

LDF Team

Ms Esther Stewart --- Communications and Digital Content Manager
Mr Matthew Hall --- Communications and Marketing Assistant

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