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Clergy housing repairs

For information on clergy housing, including how to raise emergency repairs, please visit this page.

Model Lease documents

The Diocese has endeavoured to provide ‘Model Lease’ documents for use with church halls (ie. premises which are not consecrated). For property (typically halls) where ownership is held for parishes by LDF as Diocesan Authority, Model Lease documents provide both Guidance Notes and standardised template documents which can save parishes both time and money.

Parishes wishing to

  • grant a lease to a tenant
  • for a term under 7 years
  • for a rent below £30,000 per annum

are encouraged to make use use of a Diocese approved Model Lease by clicking the link below:

The Property Team is here to help. Email Sarah Wall – sarah.wall@nulllondon.anglican.org – for advice.

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Parish property

Many churches in London are fortunate to have other properties in the ownership of the PCC. These often share the same legal obligations as church buildings In cases where you wish to lease your buildings, undertake development works, or undertake extensive repairs, the Parish Property Support Team can offer support and advice (email address at the top of this page). .

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Clergy housing

Maintenance of parsonages.

Church buildings

Detail of church floor

Help with managing church buildings to get the best out of them to support their parish work and the wider mission of the church in London.

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