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So, you want to get married in the Church of England? Congratulations to you. We wish you well as you plan for your married life.

A wedding ceremony marks the start of a marriage. All weddings, wherever they take place, are significant. They all mark a public witness to the love that two people have for each other and a church wedding makes certain themes clearer.

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The fact that the promises are made within a supportive community provides a setting in which the marriage can be supported and sustained. The Church building witnesses to the significance of love as the very reason for existence.

The concept of covenant between the couple reflects the relationship between God and the world. The idea of the ‘sacrament of marriage’ reflects the miracle of what God is doing in human lives as you both make the promises together in the Church.

Most people in the UK can be married by banns in their local church, but different rules apply to foreign nationals without the right of abode. However, it is recommended that all non-UK passport holders are married by Common Licence.

It is now also possible to be married in a church other than your parish church if one or both of the couple has a ‘qualifying connection’ with another church. You can find your nearest churches using the website A Church Near You.

Information and advice about all aspects of getting married in the Church of England can be found on the official Church of England website: www.yourchurchwedding.org.

If you’re a member of the clergy or a Licensed Lay Minister, policies and documents about conducting these services are available on the Sacraments and Services support page.

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Weddings a public witness to the love that two people have for each other.

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