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Our toolkit of safeguarding information and advice supplements the Diocese of London’s Safeguarding Policy. See the main safeguarding support pages for context and the main policy.

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First Aid

Guidance for those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults on First Aid.

Good practice in safeguarding

This guidance is intended to inform parishes about some of the elements that contribute to ensuring a safer culture is developed and reflects the good practice that should be seen.

Guidance on staffing levels

Guidance for those working with groups of children and young people, as to the recommended number of supervising adults needed, and good practice when working with groups.

Guidance on unaccompanied and uncollected children

Guidance for parishes on what to do if a child attends parish activities unaccompanied, or has not been collected at the end of a session.

Off-site visits, sleepovers and transporting vulnerable groups

Safeguarding guidance for parishes undertaking off-site visits, sleepovers in church, or transporting vulnerable groups.

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