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George Diwakar, a ministry experience volunteer in Diocese of London

Ministry experience volunteers

Guidance about the status of, and employer’s obligations towards, the many people working in church as ‘interns’, ‘pastoral assistants’, ‘ministry experience volunteers’, or ‘volunteer leaders’. The status of ‘intern’ has no basis in employment legislation and requires careful treatment by employers.

Calculator and notepad

Calculating holiday entitlement

For employers and employees alike is important to make sure annual leave calculations are correct and everyone has the amount of annual leave (and bank holidays for part timers) they’ve earned.

Contracts for paid parish workers

There can be many types of paid workers involved in parish life, including PCC employees, self-employed people and individuals who can help out on a casual basis. This guidance provides details about which paperwork you should have in place.

Active people

Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is an all-encompassing term covering a wide range of ideas and facilities that are centred on the wellbeing of your staff.

Employment status

Is your team member an employee or worker? Are they self-employed or a limited company? Why is it important to get this right?

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