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Biomass heating

Biomass boilers may be used to heat both space and water in your church or home. Assess whether your building might be suitable for biomass heating and read about the wood fuel boilers available.

Gas meter behind houses

Green energy suppliers

How to switch your energy supplies – electricity and in some cases gas – to a ‘green’ tariff.

Heat pumps

This page introduces how a heat pump may be employed for heating in your home, or in church premises such as a church hall. It gives and overview of the different types available; and should help you assess whether your building might be suitable for a heat pump.

Heating and energy use

How to manage your church heating system efficiently.

Heating churches

Replacing or altering your church’s heating system can represent one of the most significant investments in the church building that any PCC will carry out. As a means of reducing your carbon emissions a change in heating system is an opportunity which comes along once in a generation.

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