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Climate and environmental risks

How architects, Quinquennial Inspectors and other construction professionals can face and mitigate the risks of climate change for churches and other buildings.

Blackfriars Bridge

Energy and carbon, global heating and climate change

What are the issues behind climate change? What is it, why is it happening and why should we respond to it? How to conserve increasingly scarce energy.

Energy Footprint Tool

Advice and resources about sustainable building for architects and Quinquennial Inspectors and other construction professionals working for parishes and churches.

Facing the facts of climate change

A transcript of a talk by the Head of Environmental Challenge to a Diocesan Advisory Committee study day for Quinquennial Inspectors in January 2012.

Fertilisers and nitrogen, pesticides and pollution

A brief summary of fertilisers and nitrogen, pesticides and pollution, and their significance and relevance to churches and church members.

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