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/ 24 June 2016

The EU Referendum Result

The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, has today written to clergy in London regarding the result of the EU Referendum.

Dear Friends

I wanted to let you know this morning what I have said to the media regarding the referendum.

The referendum result has not changed the facts of geography. There will clearly be a period of turbulence and I am very conscious of the fact that the large majority of those under the age of 25 voted to Remain.

We shall have to work hard for national unity under these circumstances. Meanwhile, we in the Church will continue to cultivate our already-close relationships with Christians throughout Europe, and indeed throughout the whole world.

I know that you will continue to be prayerful remembering and reminding of our firm foundation in Jesus Christ.

Edit: 30 June

The Bishop has received the following letter from Bischof Dr Markus Dröge, the Bishop of Berlin, in response to his words:

Letter from Bischof Dr Markus Dro?ge, the Bishop of Berlin

About Richard Chartres

The Rt Revd Richard Chartres KCVO was the 132nd Bishop of London from November 1995 until March 2017.

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