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/ 22 March 2016

Eco-funding plan launched; Generic Solutions revamped

Solar Panels on a Church Roof

The Diocese has taken prompt action to help parishes close any funding gap in the wake of government changes to renewable energy incentives.

First, a segment of the Diocese’s parish loans fund has been identified, with approval from the Diocese’s Finance Committee, to support projects for energy saving and renewable energy in buildings. Flexible terms may be offered in suitable cases. See Climate Action Finance and Diocesan Loans.

At the same time, a review of the Diocese’s Generic Building Solutions programme has been carried out with Arup’s Engineers. Since their report was first published in 2011, there have been a number of regulatory changes by successive governments. Recently these have tended to constrain the financial position for renewable energy, most of all since the Feed-in Tariff was heavily reduced. But capital costs are plunging too, and individual projects may still be viable; the Diocese offers every encouragement, especially for solar panels projects.

More is being learned from every new project as it is developed. A series of pilot studies has now been completed to four churches, partly funded by the Diocese. information from these projects can be shared in support of project teams for other parishes.

New technologies are also coming to the fore, such as battery storage and fuel-cell combined heat and power. Maybe your church is the one to blaze a new trail? See Churches and People for the environment.

Arup’s revised report may be downloaded from Generic Building Solutions. Make sure to contact Brian Cuthbertson (the Diocese’s Head of Environment and Sustainability) for individual advice.

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