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/ 5 January 2018

Join us in praying for Christians: ‘right where we are’

2018’s Diocesan Cycle of Prayer includes prayer every Sunday for Christians witnessing in a given sector or phase of life.

/ 27 November 2017

Sent out to live and work to God’s praise and glory

The Bishop of Edmonton calls for all parishes to mention in our prayers, people who are working in a particular sector or in a particular phase of life.

/ 25 September 2017

Weeks of Accompanied Prayer in London

The London Centre of Spiritual Direction is offering courses in 2018 for parishes creating Weeks of Accompanied Prayer.

Prayer spaces activity - sorry written in sand
/ 14 September 2017

Learning to pray

Catherine Allard, Headteacher at John Keble School in Harlesden, shares the story of a recent Prayer Space installed in the school.

London Estates #PrayerWalk
/ 22 June 2017

London Estates Prayer Week

The London Estates Prayer Week starts on 2 July, and all are encouraged to run a prayer walk and focus prayer on the Capital’s housing estates.

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