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Environment and the Church leading up to COP26
/ 9 February 2021

Surge in climate change effort by churches and people

Brian Cuthbertson outlines six ways we can get involved in the fight against climate change.

/ 17 December 2020

Energy and carbon from London churches hit record low

Churches across the Diocese of London have been cutting the energy use and carbon emissions, which would contribute to dangerous climate change, as 2019 figures for energy usage have revealed greatly reduced emissions.

/ 29 October 2020

Energy footprint tool leads surge in environmental action

The Diocese of London is showing the way in tackling climate change through the efficient management of property and buildings.

/ 21 September 2020

Love, the second law and the resurrection

Brian Cuthbertson, our Head of Environment and Sustainability, reflects on what the Resurrection means for the Second Law of Thermodynamics and our care for Creation.

Our natural environment
/ 25 August 2020


Brian Cuthbertson, who is our Head of Environment and Sustainability, shares some resources for Creationtide.

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