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/ 2 April 2020

Praying together as a family

Kathryn Kane explores different ways to engage your family in prayer at home.

/ 26 March 2020

Children at home: Good stories with good questions

Our head of children and youth, Sam Donoghue, gives some tips on Biblical storytelling with your children.

/ 17 March 2020

Working from home for the novice

New to working from home? Alex Taylor from the Children and Youth Ministry Support team offers us his tips from 7 years experience of working from home.

/ 9 March 2020

Praying for parking spaces

When you’re driving around the busy car park of the local supermarket, would you pray for a parking space? What would a child do?

From dust you come
/ 19 February 2020

Lent through a child’s eyes

How do children interact with Lent? And how can we help them explore this season of preparation and reflection in a way that draws them closer to God? Our children’s team have some suggestions.

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