St Andrew’s Church, Uxbridge was bedecked with angels for Christmas. Working from a template which was itself taken from a stained glass window, members of the congregation and pupils from St Andrew’s Primary School next door, cut out and coloured around 400 angels. These were suspended from thin fishing wire and criss-crossed the nave.

Some of the angels had verses of scripture, some were coloured in the blue and yellow of Ukraine, some had the flags of the world on their wings. Others were left plain.

‘The idea was that these angels would embody our prayers for peace’, said Rev Andrew Studdert-Kennedy, Vicar of St Andrew’s. ‘It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which the congregation and the whole school embraced the idea. Many of those attending our different Christmas services commented on how striking they were and they loved the gentle way in which the angels moved during our worship. And of course, everyone was keen to see where “their’ angel had ended up!’