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Interfaith mission to Calais, France

Location: Interfaith mission to Calais, France Calais, France
Cost:Expenses paid
Audience:All welcome
More information: https://stethelburgas.org/event/interfaith-activists-come-calais/?mc_cid=ab664c3fbf&mc_eid=39273b95bc

Our partners at St Ethelburgas are offering an opportunity to become an ally to refugees by volunteering in a refugee camp and raising awareness at home.

It is a 5 day all-expenses-paid volunteering program in October, where you will:

  • Make friends with young highly enthused people from different faiths
  • Experience selfless service
  • Be inspired by youth led movements who are driving change
  • Observe leadership in a challenging environment
  • Have engaging cross cultural conversations
  • Serve refugees who are in desperate need
  • Share your passion with your own community back home
  • Practice public speaking skills
  • Inspire others to act!

There will be training programs that will prepare you thoroughly for the volunteering. When returning from Calais you will be supported to design and deliver a talk to your faith community or your friends & family. The aim for this is to share your experiences, raise awareness and to see what we can do at home to help the displaced people.

Applicants should submit proposals through the application form on St Ethelburga’s website.

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