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/ 22 February 2012

Bishop asks Christians to donate their bus fare

The Bishop of London today asked London Christians to remember the ease with which they travel around London and the UK, when giving their Lenten sacrifices. The Lent appeal suggests Londoners might consider giving a percentage of their Oyster card usage or donating a portion of their fuel costs during Lent.

Launching this year’s Lent Appeal, which will raise money to pay for three 4×4 vehicles to enable diocesan-wide ministry in Angola and Mozambique, the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres said:

"It is easy to forget what a privilege it is to have access to a 24hour bus service, an underground train system and a network of trains and motorways to carry us easily around London and the rest of the country. I’m asking London Christians to consider the challenges faced by our partners in Angola and Mozambique each time they use their oyster card or pay for a London taxi."

The challenges are considerable: In Angola and Mozambique there is minimal public transport infrastructure and the sizes of partner dioceses are huge. Angola is five times the size of the whole UK; Lebombo in the south and Niassa in the north of Mozambique are each one and a half times the size of the UK. Bicycles are the main method of local transport in both Angola and Mozambique, but the only way to travel any distance on predominantly dirt roads, particularly in the rainy season, is by 4×4.

The new 4X4 vehicles will enable diocesan staff to travel throughout their dioceses so they can carry out pastoral visits, confirmations and training as well as resourcing and helping with community development work and delivering HIV awareness and education.

The Diocese of London has been in partnership with the three Anglican Dioceses in Angola and Mozambique (Lebombo and Niassa) since 1998.

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