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/ 17 June 2022

Eight new bishops consecrated

Since 1998 the Diocese of London has been linked with the Anglican churches in two African countries: Angola and Mozambique. 

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Following the inauguration of the new Province of IAMA in September 2021, the acting Presiding Bishop, Carlos Matsinhe and the Acting Dean, Bishop Andre Soares are overseeing the consecrations of eight new Bishops.  Five will be serving in Mozambique and three in Angola.  Their elections have been taking place in recent weeks, in readiness for the consecrations over the coming few weeks.

The Church in Angola and Mozambique is being blessed with a period of significant growth. These new Missionary Dioceses, with their missionary Bishops will be able to provide more intentional oversight and accountability into the future.  The intention is to build upon the practice of intentional discipleship, through the training of catechists.  Catechists are encouraged to gather groups of people for study of the Bible, and to look at ways in which the local community can be served.  Many projects will involve agriculture, education and medical support, and will serve areas of significant poverty.

Please do keep the following in your prayers:

19 June Consecration of 4 Bishops in Maputo

++ Thabo Makgoba will be preaching

Paulo Hamsine, Diocese of Pungue River
Agostinho Buque, Diocese of Maciene
Emmanuel Capeta, Diocese of Inhambane
Sergio Bamboo, Diocese of Tete

26 June Consecration of 3 Bishops in Luanda

Augusto Domingos, Diocese of Cristo Rei
Pedro Vilar Jamba, Diocese Centre & South
Joaquim Bondo, Diocese of Divine Hope

09 July Consecration of 1 Bishop, Messumba

Lucas Mchema, Diocese of Niassa

Further details can be found on the ALMA website or by following ALMA’s social media: Twitter and Facebook

“This partnership in the Gospel is of primary importance to us in the Diocese of London. To witness the creation of eight new Dioceses is a sign and symbol of the Spirit of God at work, and we look forward to journeying together, and learning together how to be today’s Church in today’s world.”

Bishop Rob Wickham, lead Bishop for ALMA

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