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/ 24 January 2017

Appeal 2017

Benguela School Extension in Angola Sept 2016

By now, all parishes should have received this year’s Lent Appeal Resource Pack which by request of Bishop Richard, is on behalf of ALMA, our Diocesan Partnership with Angola and Mozambique.

We are supporting three creative projects this year, one from each of our link Dioceses: each project has an educational theme and has been identified by our partners in Angola and Mozambique as being critical for the church in their area. The projects are also of great value to each community but as ‘church projects’, it is not always easy for them to raise the required funds. We hope you will encourage your congregations, parishes and schools to work creatively together in support of the 2017 Diocesan Lent Appeal.

Included in the sample pack are five Lent Appeal Cards with the Lent Appeal Prayer on the back page and a set of three different posters (red, blue and green) for display, as well as a letter for parish Treasurers.

Copies of the A4 and A3 posters in the three colourways and the Lent Appeal Cards are available to collect direct from Diocesan House by emailing the ALMA Lent Appeal team stating the type and amount of each resource required along with the name of your parish, (with parish number if known). Your order will be processed on the Tuesday following receipt of the email and will be left ready for you at Reception. If you are collecting on a Tuesday, please do contact the ALMA team on arrival. They would be delighted to come down and say hello!

For collection from your local ALMA rep:

Email the ALMA Lent Appeal team, using ‘ALMA Rep Collection’ in the title line. Please provide the name of your parish (with parish number if known) along with the type and amount of each resources required and any additional contact details (such as phone number). We will get back to you to confirm your request.

For delivery by post

To place an order for your resources to be delivered direct, please visit our e-store. Subject to availability, your order should be dispatched within 48 hours.

Additional online resources including short power-point presentations for you to share before and during Lent will also be available on the webpage, which will also provide some background stories on each of the Diocesan projects.

Finally, the London ALMA team would be very willing to speak at your churches. Contact ALMA Co-ordinator, Sheenagh Burrell to arrange this.

Please also share your fundraising stories with us.  From the simple decision to give one week’s collection to the appeal, to the more adventurous fundraising extravaganza, we want to know and broadcast your creativity.


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