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KICK Coaching School Intern

Closing Date: 18/06/2021
Contact: Becci Lee
KICK, Holy Trinity Church Centre, Sheen Park, Richmond TW9 1UP
More information: https://www.kick.org.uk

At KICK, we are motivated to respond to a sense of hopelessness in many young people today as 1/3 of young people aged 15 identify with a mental health condition, 2million grow up without a father at home, many are disconnected from local communities with 95% now not attending Church. We aspire to see a generation of young people who will reach their God given potential; where communities have been socially impacted; and where spiritual change has transformed a nation. Our mission is to transform young people’s lives, with God’s love, through sport and support. We do this through values-driven physical education, street dance, mentoring, chaplaincy in schools and community KICK Academies to impact a sense of hopelessness and give them a hope for the future and a joy in the present.

Our aspiration for the KICK Coaching School is that we will develop new sports ministers across the country who will be upskilled to make a difference in their community. We want to both invest skills and knowledge in KICK Interns but also see them make a missional impact. There will be further opportunities for KICK Interns to shadow experience professionals, develop new skills in office functions and specialist areas of interest. It is our desire that KICK Interns will grow in their relationship with God and thrive of missionaries as role models influencing their schools.
The scope of this role is to deliver sessions for Primary and Secondary school aged children in a range of different settings. KICK Interns will have meaningful responsibilities and will be accountable to our ACEII values described as follows:

  1. Be Aspirational: Develop relationships with schools and other sections of the community, to help in the set-up and running of KICK in new locations.
  2. Be Compassionate: The intern will be a committed Christian in line with KICK’s Christian ethos to execute KICK’s mission to share God’s love with young people.
  3. Be Excellent: To develop a variety of skills through training in sports/dance/education and Christian ministry, to maximise the effectiveness of KICK
  4. Be Intentional: To be a role model to young people in terms of Sports skills, fitness, spiritual leadership and pastoral care.
  5. Be integral: To partner with a local KICK Academy to support and strengthen our work within the local community.


For further information contact Becci Lee at beccilee@nullkick.org.uk.

Or to apply visit http://www.kick.org.uk

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