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Our articles on children’s and youth ministry are here to help, support, challenge and equip Christian children’s and youth workers. They are written by Sam Donoghue and a team of other writers with a wealth of experience in their fields.

Group of colleagues working in team
/ 13 January 2017

2017 and all that

What are your hopes and dreams for 2017? The start of a calendar year is a good time to take stock of your youth or children’s work and reflect on where God is leading you.

All Kings Shall Fall Prostrate Cologne Cathedral
/ 20 December 2016

O Come, All Ye Faithful

This great old carol is a favourite of many, include CONCRETE’s James Fawcett. Here, he reflects on how this carol can inform our youth work over the festive period.

Group of school children singing in choir together
/ 16 December 2016

The worst Christmas song

Alex Taylor, the Diocese’s children’s ministry trainer on the top three worst Christmas tunes.

Great sport with St Luke's Chelsea and Epic CIC.
/ 15 December 2016

Epic Sports at St Luke’s Chelsea

Epic ideas to run a sports filled holiday club, after the very successful children’s programme run by St Luke’s Chelsea.

Christmas tree in church with origami figures
/ 13 December 2016

It’s Christmas, not rocket science

If you’re still trying to plan some youth Christmas events, then here are some simple ideas that could make last-minute planning simple and stress-free.

Advent calendar
/ 25 November 2016

An activity Advent calendar

You might already have you Advent calendars, but why not trying this activity Advent calendar? Fill your Advent with baking, making, sharing and the wonderful Christmas story!

Naughty child with fist raised
/ 18 November 2016

First session back

The last time Sam led children’s work in his church, it was a bit of a disaster. So, when he was next due to lead, he knew he had to approach things differently. Here’s how he got on.

Alex Taylor's childhood photo
/ 15 November 2016

What would you tell your younger self?

What do your school photos say about you? What would you say to that younger self in those photos? Alex Taylor digs out his photos and wonders what to say to himself.

Young mother and child with Down Syndrome
/ 11 November 2016

Welcoming children with additional needs

The good news of Jesus is for everyone, so how can we be ready to welcome all children to our groups? Alex Taylor outlines some good strategies to use as a starting point.

Two men in a secluded urban environemt
/ 8 November 2016

I’m biased

James Fawcett examines the role our own bias and prejudices play in our youth work and helps us to be aware of when those prejudices might adversely affect our ministry.

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