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Lent Appeal 2022 : Cultivating Compassionate Communities

Equipping churches to offer safe spaces and promote positive mental and emotional wellbeing

The Diocese of London Lent Appeal for 2022 will focus on raising awareness around issues of mental health & wellbeing for adults and young people, along with domestic abuse.

Hosted by the Compassionate Communities team, the aim of the appeal is to cultivate more compassionate communities by equipping churches to create safe spaces for those in their parish and promoting holistic wellbeing for all staff and church members too.

We will be raising money to support three partner charities who are all offering resources and bespoke training to churches as we work to achieve this:

  • Renew Wellbeing – helping churches create safe spaces where it’s ok to not be ok
  • Restored – equipping the Church to end domestic abuse and create a safe place for survivors of abuse
  • Be Headstrong – supporting young people and those who come alongside them in their social, emotional and spiritual development (Part of Youthscape)

Launch Event

Thursday 24 Feb 2022, 9:45am – 12.15pm
St Dionis Church, SW6 4UH

To launch the Lent Appeal we will host an event together with the Bishop of London and the Bishop of Kensington. As well as hearing from Bishop Sarah and Bishop Graham, we will have presentations from our three partner charities, plus a marketplace where you can find out more from a number of charities working to support people with their mental health – a vital resource after what has been a challenging period for us all.

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