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LLM21 Work agreement guidelines

The Work Agreement sets out the arrangements and agreements for ministry. It is prepared and agreed with the incumbent/priest in charge at the commencement of ministry in a particular place and will be reviewed annually.

The Work Agreement will outline the responsibilities and specific duties to be undertaken by the LLM taking into account:

  • The particular specialisations of the individual’s ministry
  • The role of the LLM in the parish leadership team and in relation to the PCC (see note below)
  • The arrangements for attendance at meetings and supervision (including attendance at parish staff meetings)
  • The balance between ministry commitments, other church activities, domestic life, work and leisure. It will include expected hours a week available to the parish
  • The arrangements for Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD)
  • The arrangements for reimbursement of expenses incurred through performance of the LLM’s duties including specific grants e.g. book grant.
  • Ministry outside the parish

LLMs are encouraged to keep records of the duties they have undertaken and of their continuing formal and informal CMD to feed into the annual review. Changes in the Working Agreement should be noted and a copy of the revised agreement sent to the Area Warden to be held on the file.



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