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Gutter Maintenance Programme

The Gutter Maintenance Programme is a maintenance co-operative established to provide a fixed sum for gutter clearance to church buildings. It is a not-for-profit enterprise with two simple aims:

  • To clear gutters (which benefits your building, and saves you the cost of repairs later on).
  • To provide the most affordable service possible.

All churches in the Diocese of London are able to apply to join the scheme.

Serving the Diocese of London since 2006

The Gutter Maintenance Programme is free for all ‘Diocesan Supported Parishes’. The list of parishes that qualify for the free service will be updated annually. These parishes have been contacted already.

Non-Diocesan-supported parishes are still eligible for the reduced rates of the scheme. Gutter cleaning for additional buildings (such as church halls) will incur an additional cost. Contact us at the address or telephone number below for details.

As part of the scheme, the Diocese will include cleaning of parsonages for which we have responsibility. This can benefit parishes by sharing the cost of their church clean.

What to expect

We would recommend a minimum of one visit per year, this being in the autumn after the leaf fall.

Not only are the gutters cleaned, but you will receive a report, with photographs, showing the condition of the building at high level.

How to join

Churches can express interest in this programme by completing the form at the end of this page and submitting it to the e-mail address below.

Contact us

For further general information, please email gutters@nulllondon.anglican.org or call 020 3837 5054.


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