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Minor works to churches

Chancellor’s guidance to all parochial church councils, ministers and churchwardens in the Diocese as to ‘minor works’ not requiring a faculty.

Planning system

This short note summarises some of the key points which emerged from a one day seminar for those involved with church buildings casework, instigated by the Diocese of London and provided by the charity Planning Aid for London on 19 May 2011.

Statements of Significance and Need

The process of obtaining a faculty is started by applying for a Certificate of Recommendation. In order to be processed your application should include two documents known as the Statement of Need and the Statement of Significance. This article offers guidance on how to write these statements.

Structural engineering

This note is intended for Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, and churches appointing them, who have not made previous or recent applications for faculty permission and who are not familiar with the requirements.

The Church Buildings Council’s Policy on the Sale of Treasures from Churches

Rule 15 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2000, requires consultation with the Church Buildings Council on the disposal of articles of particular historic merit. The final decisions over disposal are of course in the hands of the Chancellors but the Church Buildings Council thought it would be helpful to Chancellors, DACs and parishes to set out its policy on the subject and the thinking behind it.

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