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/ 5 July 2021

Response to the LDF survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to our feedback survey, to help us shape the services you receive from the diocesan offices.

We invited feedback over a 6 week period, in March and April 2021, with separate surveys for each LDF team (eg. Safeguarding, Communications, Fundraising). We received a total of 1,231 survey responses across all 14 teams. Thank you.

Each LDF team has taken the feedback, digested both the stats and the written responses, and has now reported to the senior leadership on how they will incorporate the feedback into their team planning. The survey has already sparked many useful conversations within the diocesan staff, and has given us permission to rethink our usual habits and practices.

One of the most common feedback themes was people being unaware of what a diocesan team offers, or even that the team exists. For example, several people commented they were not aware of the media support available to parishes, which can be used if the church is approached by a journalist. This is helpful in our planning over the coming months, particularly looking at how each team communicates their services, both digitally (eg. in the diocesan newsletter and Area mailings) and directly to clergy and parish teams.

Alongside constructive criticism, there was also much praise and thanks throughout the surveys – which was greatly encouraging and much appreciated. One particular standout was the synodical team, who were praised for their reliability, efficiency and clear planning.

Carrying out a survey was without doubt a useful exercise for the diocesan offices, and one which we now plan to repeat on a regular basis (either annually or every two years).



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