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/ 20 March 2018


Remmie was commissioned as an ambassador at Holy Trinity, Southall. Remmie works for London Underground at one of their busiest stations, where he sees about 8,000 people every day. Originally from Sierra Leone; he has lived in London for over 30 years and when he isn’t working loves to help in his local community and travel the world.

Being an ambassador means remembering that people see your faith through the way you live your life.

Remmie’s job puts him in front of thousands of customers every day. He says “When I do my job I put God first and He directs me what to do and say with all my customers – they can see this in me. I seek to go beyond the course of my duty – I am there to serve the public so that is my main priority to look after them. If the customers are happy I am satisfied. Being an ambassador means remembering that people see your faith through the way you live your life.”

Working for London Underground has its challenges when things go wrong. “When things go wrong the public go bananas. I let them know we are doing all we can and I give them alternative ways to travel, and ideas to get where they are going”.

Key to surviving when it is busy is being secure in the knowledge that God is always with him. “When I have little time, I think through Psalms which I have learnt. This gives me courage and the extra instinct to do what God wants.”


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