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/ 28 March 2018


Obed is a carer in a nursing home, and is finishing his studies for a diploma in Health and Social Care. Originally from Pakistan,

Obed came here in 2003 with his wife Cathrien, and has been working at the nursing home for 12 years. In his role he looks after patients, and helps to wash, feed and change them. He is also a churchwarden at St George’s, Southall, where he helps with Holy Communion, and with maintenance of the church and community centre.

When asked about being an ambassador at work, Obed said: “I work hard to serve people. Sometimes on my break time I will leave my food and go to help out if there’s a problem. I always tell people my work is my worship.”

Many people at his workplace knows he is a Christian, and a churchwarden. Obed notes: “Sometimes people have said to me: ‘we cannot believe that in your country you were allowed to be a Christian,’ but I say that I am proud to be a Christian! My grandfather was a pastor, and I grew up in a Christian home.” At

work he has a reputation of an honest, hard-working employee. He describes himself as a happy person, and is keen to always give a good example of Christ.

In his spare time he tends to clean the house, and spends time reading his Bible or praying for friends and for family in Pakistan.

Obed’s top tip for surviving a busy week is prayer! “Sometimes I can have a really busy week, especially when my co-worker is on holiday. In the mornings I get into the car, I’ll look up at the sky, and I pray: ‘Thank you God, for giving me life, for giving me all these things. God give me the power to do this work,’ and God is always with me! He always provides for me.”



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