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/ 23 March 2020

Live Streaming worship

Churches which are live streaming

We have received messages from a huge number of London parishes who are now live streaming their worship, which is wonderful.

Rather than list all the names here, A Church Near You can point you to your nearest church with an online worship presence.

If your church is live streaming, find out how to tag your service correctly on A Church Near You in this article.

Digital streaming: how to

The suspension of public worship might encourage you to think about whether to ‘live-stream’ church services to regular churchgoers (and others) watching at home. Alternatively, your vicar or preacher might like to record a personal message for congregation members, or to preach online from their home. You might imagine that this is technically complex to do, but there are ways of doing so simply.

If you would like to read the full national Church of England advice about how to live-stream via Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, you can do so here. But if you’d rather just stick to one simple way of doing so, all you need is a decent Smartphone and good Wifi, and you can stream a service using Facebook Live. The instructions are as follows:

Facebook Live Instructions:

  • Tell those in your congregation and others that you plan to do this in advance, via email, social media and/or text.
  • Ensure that those who you are filming are happy for you to do so.
  • Go to your personal or your church’s Facebook profile and click the button that says ‘Live’, under the box that says ‘What’s on your mind?’ (personal) or ‘Create a post’ (church page).
  • Add a few words of description, and then click ‘Start Live Video’, when you are ready. If you are using your own personal profile, do make sure you’ve set it to ‘public’.

For an entire service, you may also want to make sure that the phone is wedged in place to keep it still (or, even better, use a tripod).

If you are live streaming sung worship from your church’s website, there are issues relating to copyright that you will need to address. You can get more information about that here. However, if you are live streaming via Facebook Live or YouTube, those issues do not apply as both platforms are covered by their own PRS licences.

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