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/ 10 July 2019

How to use testimonies of evangelism in a Sunday service

The Ambassadors initiative is not about running a programme, a course, or an off-the-shelf product. The initiative is all about cultivating a healthy church culture. In the London Diocese, we are replete with resources, ideas and tips under the title of ‘Ambassadors’ and each of them is designed to help us cultivate a biblical, missional and discipling culture.

Perhaps one of the most prominent is that of creating space in your service to share stories of God at work through the missional impetus of the Body of Christ. By sharing stories of God at work in the every-day, in the work place, in the home, at the school gate, we are reminding people that God is at work outside of the Sunday service and involved in the other 166 hours of the week. We encourage each other with simple stories of every day acts of micro-courage.

Here are 3 steps to get you going with sharing testimonies of God at work through your congregation who are seeking to live out their faith during the week:

Step 1) Discover a testimony – put out a note in your service sheet, send a survey around, or simply find stories of people inviting a friend to a church event, sharing their faith with a colleague, or simply having a ‘gospel conversation’. Ask that person if they would consider being interviewed in a Sunday service. The key is not just to look for someone who has brought their friend ‘to faith’, but who has been faithful with a simple invitation. By keeping the bar low, it makes it accessible for others.

Step 2) Brief the person about their testimony – once the person is happy to be interviewed on a Sunday let the person know when it will be and let them know what questions you will ask, e.g. ask them who they are and what they do, then get them to share their story of sharing their faith or inviting a friend to something at church.

Step 3) Set up the context for their testimony – remind everyone that the church is both gathered and scattered; that we are the church on Sunday and Monday to Friday. Then interview the person for no more than 3-4 mins.

By finding more than one person and repeating the exercise over a number of weeks, not only does it help strengthen the church community (people feel like they get to know each other) but it also releases courage (people think, that sounds very achievable). Give it a go and see how you get on.

Revd Matt Hogg, St Alban with St Augustine Fulham


To find out more and explore resources visit the Ambassadors page

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