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/ 28 March 2018


Fiona is a mother of three adult children and a grandmother to five amazing grandchildren. She has 23 years as a Teaching Assistant under her belt, 16 of those at the same local primary school in Islington, North London. She has attended St Mary’s Hornsey Rise for four years, where she says: “God has most definitely kicked my butt and got me moving!”

For Fiona, being an ambassador gives her the confidence to go out into her place of work and her place of socialising knowing that the Holy Spirit will give her the words that she needs to proclaim his existence. She is also in the process of Licensed Lay Ministry training, and she says: “Knowing that the Church of England is behind me, helps me be more open to what the Church as a whole is doing for the people of London.”

At work, all of her work colleagues know about her faith, and she says they have huge respect for her openness and the way she compares the different faiths amongst the staff.

Living as an ambassador in the day to day comes about through

her offering help to others. “Working with a large group of people there is always a problem or an anxiety in the work place or in an individual’s life, to which I can bring a solution and calmness. With the Holy Spirit’s help I can open peoples’ minds to see past the problem.”

For Fiona, it is important to put God first at the beginning of the day. Just a simple prayer of “Morning Lord, let’s do this,” is a real help to her to face the day. She also receives the verse of the day on her mobile which she finds time to focus on for a couple of minutes during a break time.

When we asked her about what she likes to do in her spare time, she said: “At the moment I’m a small group leader, Children’s Church leader and in the process of Licensed Lay Ministry training, so with the grandchildren as well spare time isn’t really there!”

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