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/ 1 October 2014

Church Credit Champions training now available

In response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s intention to "compete Wonga out of business", training and resources are now available to churches across the Diocese of London, to create a network of ‘Credit Champions’.

/ 19 August 2014

Annual report to parishes 2013

A short summary from the General Secretary of the financial situation in the Diocese.

/ 28 May 2014

Bishop of Stepney chairs launch of the Church Credit Champions Network

The first step towards a national network of churches, communities and credit unions was unveiled at a launch in the St Martin’s Hall at St Martin-in-the-Fields church on Tuesday night.

/ 14 October 2013

VAT on Church Buildings: important update

New rules meant that listed church buildings can now be reimbursed for a greater amount of VAT than has previously been allowed through the Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme.

/ 25 January 2013

New payroll administration service

Payroll administration for churches and Christian charities.

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