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/ 22 March 2018

Anniversary of 2017 attack on Westminster

Today marks the first anniversary of the 2017 terror attack on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, in which five people were killed and 49 injured.

Reflecting on the anniversary as she prepares to move from Crediton to London, Bishop Sarah said:

“Any anniversary of such a terrible event will inevitably bring back difficult memories. My heart goes out in particular to those who lost loved ones that day and those who were injured, and we share in their suffering as we remember them. Just after the attack, I was in touch with staff from St Thomas’s Hospital; it was from there that staff had rushed to help the casualties, and our ongoing gratitude goes out to the response of all of London’s emergency and health services at the time.

“Coming back to London, I’ve already begun to meet with people from across the capital’s communities. I’ve been struck by what brings them together, and by their resilience and hope. We have more in common than divides us.”

Bishop Sarah Mullally will be installed as Bishop of London. In her first message, she spoke of the need for compassion and unity throughout the city.

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