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The Diocese of London is committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults to worship and grow in Christ safely.

This is done in a coordinated and supported manner and involves Church Safeguarding Officers (CSO) and parish priests at parish level making timely responses to concerns (advice sought/action within 24 hours), informing the Diocesan Safeguarding Team (DST) of these and drawing support from the CCPAS helplines, local authorities and the police when necessary.

The DST, with each Area Bishop’s office and the Senior Staff, will ensure the overall management of safeguarding across the Diocese, drawing in specialist support as needed. Our policies contained within ‘Safeguarding in the Diocese of London’ (2015) give further guidance.

All churches and faith communities are required to have in place arrangements which include:

  • Procedures to respond to and report concerns
  • Codes of safe practice
  • Safer recruitment procedures

Our policies will govern the work undertaken with children, young people and vulnerable adults who attend church or take part in activities on church premises (or that are organised by the church) within the parish.

Liability insurance in relation to such issues may be invalidated if such policy is not in place and being implemented.

Safeguarding concerns

Any concerns in the Diocese should be brought to the attention of the Church Safeguarding Officer (parishes) who can seek advice from the Diocesan Safeguarding Team. Other areas of the Diocese (e.g. chaplaincies) should contact the DST directly. Out of hours advice can be sought from the CCPAS’s helpline on 0303 003 1111. You will be able to get confidential advice, guidance and support.

Our Safeguarding Helpline number is 020 7932 1224. The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Annette Gordon, can be reached on annette.gordon@nulllondon.anglican.org, 020 7932 1124.

The Safeguarding office will be closed from Friday the 22 December and will reopen on Tuesday the 2 January. If you have a safeguarding concern or need advice please phone the CCPAS helpline on 0303 003 1111.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) applications

We now process all of our DBS disclosure applications online via the eBulk system. All those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults in regulated activity will require a DBS disclosure as part of the safer recruitment procedures (these apply to both voluntary and paid roles). A new DBS should be requested every five years. In order for the Diocese to process applications for your parish, you will need to have appointed an Evidence Checker (role description via link below). Guidance and support is available via email – disclosures@nulllondon.anglican.org – or by calling 020 3837 5098.

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