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Here you can find out more about what an LLM is and the process towards becoming one.

About Licensed Lay Ministry

Licensed Lay Ministers are the equivalent to what was previously known as a Reader. Both carry a Bishop’s License, and are recognised nationally throughout the Church of England as of equal status and training. The term LLM came about in order to broaden out the areas of ministry, beyond the activities typically associated with Readers. LLMs can be involved in many different aspects of the life of the church, including adult education, small group work, mission and evangelism, pastoral ministry, youth and children’s ministry, workplace ministry, chaplaincy, and more.

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If studying at St. Edmund’s, the discernment process to become an LLM can take place during the two years of Christian studies with applications to be made no later than Easter of the second year, whilst the discernment process for St. Mellitus takes place prior to the three years of study.

2. Training courses

There are currently two paths to follow to become a Licensed Lay Minister. The St Edmund’s Course for Christian Studies is a two-year, non-accredited course to learn more about the Christian faith and explore key themes in more depth that may be used as the first two years of a three year LLM training plan. St Mellitus College also offers LLM training in two locations.

6. Additional resources

For more information and support regarding becoming an LLM:

  • London Callings
  • Ambassadors 2020
  • Church Planting
  • St Edmunds Course in Christian Studies
  • St Mellitus College
  • Safeguarding: All LLM candidates need to complete Safeguarding ‘Leadership Level’ training before licencing. For LLMs training at St Mellitus College, this will take place at their TEI (Theological Education Institution). For those studying at St Edmund’s, they will need to do this through the Diocese (current Safeguarding events are listed here). Once ‘Leadership Level’ safeguarding has been completed, a refresher course must be undertaken every three years. It is the responsibility of LLMs to undertake this training and note when it is due. More information on the Diocese’s commitment and links to the Church of England resources is are available online here.


For LLMs over 70:

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