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The Bishop of London’s Mission Fund: Applying to the Bishop of London’s Mission Fund

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Applications are welcomed from all ecclesial communities and chaplaincies that operate within the Diocese of London. There are no formal criteria but applications must:

  • Be in accordance with Capital Vision 2020
  • Be for no more than half the cost of the project
  • Be focused on new projects with new forms of church for young people.

How to apply

  1. The first step is to create a plan. Once you have an outline of your project including what you want to achieve, how you will achieve it and what the measurable outcomes will be then you should speak to your Archdeacon about possible funding options.
  2. If your Archdeacon suggests the Bishop of London’s Mission Fund then you should email the secretary at blmfsecretary@nulllondon.anglican.org who will send you an application form and will put you in touch an area advocates.
  3. Your advocate will provide you with advice on your project plan and how to build a strong application. Your advocate will also work with you in drafting the application and outline the submission process.
  4. The Children and Youth Ministry Support team will be available to provide you with specialist advice.
  5. When you, the Archdeacon and the advocate are agreed you should send the fully completed application form and supporting documents to the Secretary who will include it in the next possible meeting for consideration by the whole Board.
  6. Following the meeting the Secretary will contact you to let you know the Board’s decision; whether a grant was awarded and, if so for how much; whether any conditions were attached, and if a grant is not awarded, the reasons why and what further steps can be taken.
  7. The Secretary will confirm the award in writing, detailing any conditions and requesting a signed agreement is returned.
  8. Payment of an award is usually by half-yearly instalments to a PCC account.

The 2019 deadlines are:

  • Tuesday 15 January
  • Thursday 14 March
  • Thursday 13 June
  • Wednesday 9 October

Contact Details:

BLMF Secretary – Joshua Townson (blmfsecretary@nulllondon.anglican.org // 020 3837 5014)

Head of Children and Youth Ministry Support – Sam Donoghue (sam.donoghue@nulllondon.anglican.org // 020 7932 1255)

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