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Welcome to the Finance pages of the Diocese of London

Within these pages you will find support with all the common areas of the financial management of parishes. If you are looking for specific guidance please click on the relevant heading below or select “All Pages” for an index of all the topics covered here.* In addition to these pages the Diocese has dedicated Finance Advisers to support you with your finance and stewardship; you can find their contact details here.

*Please note that as of January 2019 some of these pages are still under construction.

Common Fund

The Diocese of London is primarily funded by Common Fund. Common Fund is money given by every parish to provide and support clergy, and to further our work in every parish, across London.

For further information on Common Fund please click here.

What happens if the Diocese doesn’t receive enough Common Fund?

At present, the promises for 2019’s Common Fund are mostly being met. In past years when contributions to the Common Fund have not been sufficient, there have been reductions in clergy posts and lay posts. In some parishes, self-supporting clergy have been appointed, or two parishes have been put together.
This may have to happen again if sufficient funds are not available. Selling property and reducing central costs never provides a long-term solution to a lack of income. Thankfully the Diocese has been able to balance its books for many years now, and with good governance and faithful generosity from its congregations it hopes to continue that pattern and grow God’s kingdom across the Diocese and beyond.

Some facts

  • There are over 500 stipendiary (paid) clergy across the Diocese
  • Another 140 clergy give their time free (self-supporting / non-stipendiary clergy)
  • There are over 400 parishes in the Diocese of London
  • Almost 200 parishes are in areas classified as ‘deprived’
  • There are 150 church schools.

Topics (under construction)

All Pages
Annual Accounts & Reports
Common Fund
Employment and Pensions
External Guidance
Financial Procedures
Gift Aid
Legacies & Wills
Loans & Grants
Money Matters (Treasurer’s Newsletter)
New Treasurers
Parish Giving Scheme
Parish Vacancy (Sequestration)

Diocesan Finances

The finances of the Diocese of London are managed by the London Diocesan Fund (LDF) which is a Company Limited by Guarantee and registered in England, Company Registration Number 150856.
The LDF is also a Registered Charity, number 241083.
VAT Registration Number 444 0847 52.
You can find the most recent details of the finances of the LDF below.


LDF Annual Report to Parishes 2017 (pdf)  Download  
LDF 2017 Annual Accounts (pdf)  Download  
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Buildings and property

Maintenance being carried out on a church's roof

Church buildings are vital to the work of the church in London.

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The Diocese of London’s finances are mainly managed through the London Diocesan Fund, a company limited by guarantee and a charity. Most of the Fund’s income is provided by Common Fund, the money given by congregations in every parish in the Diocese of London.

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