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What we do: Inter faith

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London is a large and complex world city. Christianity is present in a variety of cultural and theological forms alongside other diverse faith communities. Christians are commissioned to ‘make believers’ and commanded to love their neighbours. As a Diocese we seek to confidently present the Christian gospel without giving offence; maintain tradition and be culturally relevant.

Inter Faith

Relations between faiths operate on many different levels; formal bilateral or multilateral dialogue, academic theological interchange, grassroots community activities and personal friendships; internationally, nationally and locally. Inter Faith relations rejoice in common values and elements but respect and uphold important differences. London hosts many dialogue and theological events and offers great opportunities for study and encounter. The Church of England is represented on Faiths Forum For London and the London Boroughs Faiths Network.

Presence and Engagement

This national project identified the opportunities arising out of the changing demographics highlighted in the 2001 census. It challenges and equips congregations to engage with their communities including those of other faiths and none. This covers the whole range of parish activity; educational, liturgical, missional, pastoral, and social; and links with sector ministries. Nationally there is a task group; training centres in Leicester, Bradford and Birmingham; and PEN – The Greater London Presence and Engagement Network, in London. PEN links the many resource providers and initiatives across the capital, (including the London Boroughs in Chelmsford, Rochester, St Albans and Southwark Dioceses); identifies gaps in provision; and publicises examples of good practice. PEN operates within the Contextual Theology Centre offering opportunities to reflect theologically on why and how we engage. PEN has supported the development of Near Neighbours Eastern London. Presence and Engagement has a national website of resources. The PEN website has resources, events and stories specific to Greater London. It also has a blog and a regular e-mailing.

For more information or to sign up to the emailing list contact the Coordinator:

Susanne Mitchell
020 7780 1600 (option 3)

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