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What we do: Beyond Sundays

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Once described by William Temple as “the only organisation that exists for the sake of its non-members”, the Church has a long-standing tradition of providing welfare and working to bring about change in society.

The Church of England’s activities in London encompass much more than worship alone, and span public, private and voluntary sector activities. These include running 150 schools educating 53,500 children from all faiths and backgrounds, and administering over 1,000 projects of social transformation, impacting the lives of over 200,000 people.

Beyond Sundays: How the Church of England is helping communities in the Diocese of London

This report gives the overview of activities, projects and groups that are running to build community locally and support vulnerable people. With stats and stories this is a good introduction to our work.

Download the Beyond Sundays report from the resources block at the bottom of this page.

Beyond Sunday Services

A short film to celebrate the work of Church run winter night shelters in London.

A longer version of this film is also available.

Many of us care about the homeless but this winter churches have done a lot more than simply offer prayers. 280 churches mobilised 5200 volunteers across every denomination. This has meant that there have been Church Night Shelter schemes in 23 boroughs, offering shelter and hospitality for more than 1,300 people. Instead of sleeping on our streets, these people have found warmth and welcome in our churches in this bitterly cold winter we’ve experienced.


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