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Working with members of religious communities

Members of Religious Communities are eligible to be Licensed under Seal as priests, deacons or accredited lay ministers either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Providing they work at least half-time, the salary scale, allowances and accommodation and expenses adopted by the diocese for Accredited Lay Ministers apply to them.

The regulations for the Accredited Lay Ministry should be followed in appointing members of religious communities to posts in parishes.

In addition, it should be noted that:

  1. Such sisters, lay brothers, deacons and priests are eligible to join the Church of England Funded Pension Scheme if they have a Bishop’s Licence and receive a salary or stipend from the Church of England. If they do not then they are eligible to join the Churchworkers’ Pension Scheme.
  2. If they work part-time, then their salaries will be related to the number of sessions worked.
  3. If they occupy accommodation belonging to the PCC or the diocese a licence to occupy the property, clearly setting out the terms on which the property is occupied must be drawn up, and if the London Diocesan Fund is the diocesan authority (formerly known as custodian trustee) of the property, their consent must be obtained.


If members of religious communities assist in parishes on an informal basis:

  1. The approval of the Area Bishop must be sought.
  2. The nature of the work required should be clearly communicated to the Bishop when application is made and a written work agreement between the parish and member of the religious community should be drawn up with the agreement of the Bishop and superior of the community, who should each have a copy of the agreement negotiated.
  3. Arrangements in respect to costs and expenses, including any remuneration, should be detailed in the agreement, after consultation with the relevant Archdeacon and the community concerned.
  4. PCCs are required to cover all working expenses, and in addition the travelling expenses between the community house and the parish, if accommodation is not provided in the parish.
  5. Any arrangements about house for duty must be agreed by the Area Bishop.


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