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St Thomas Finsbury Park

Eco Church

This page is about Eco Church, the Christian environmental scheme for churches run by A Rocha UK.

Eco Church provides tools to help churches weave their response to environmental issues into all they do.

In a time of unprecedented environmental stresses, Eco Church enables churches to respond to God’s mandate to human beings to care for His creation, by integrating environmental care throughout their church’s life and mission.

Eco Church was launched in St Paul’s Cathedral in January 2016.

The Diocese encourages churches to join Eco Church. Join more than 1,200 other churches who are making a difference through Eco Church, including more than 50 churches so far in the London Diocese. These include one Gold Award winner, three Silvers and 11 Bronze award winners in the Diocese.

Our first Gold award winner is St James’s Piccadilly.


To enter any church for an award, it is necessary to register and save the questionnaire answers. This registration and application are free.


Eco Church awards are gained by completing an online questionnaire. Any church can complete the questionnaire and print it out, without commitment or on a trial basis.


The Diocese set a target of 132 churches registered with Eco Church — the first eleven churches, plus eleven more recruited by each of them. We quickly overshot our first eleven, and are on our way to our long term target.

By the end of 2019, we aim to have 80 churches registered.

We aimed to have twelve Eco Church award winners by the end of 2018. As of mid-2019, we now have 15 award winners.

Eco Church awards

Bronze, silver and gold awards are presented to churches for environmental attainment across a wide range of areas, including care of buildings and churchyards, energy-saving, recycling, food and lifestyle, worship, preaching and teaching, engagement in communities and the wider world.

The first Eco Church award, at Bronze level, was presented to the Cathedral itself, by Archbishop Rowan Williams, after he addressed those present at the launch event.

St James Piccadilly is our first Eco Church Gold award winner (the fourth nationwide). This is a magnificent achievement, which deserves to be celebrated – and imitated!

Three other churches now hold Silver level awards, plus 11 with Bronze awards. Congratulations to all of these. We now have at least one award winner in every episcopal area.

Locations nationwide are mapped here. London is doing relatively well — and so are several other areas — but we have a long way still to go.


Eco Church is supported by a comprehensive range of resources, including online links. These resources can be accessed via the same questionnaire page (right of page).

More information

See also Churches and People, and the Environment and Mission Action Plans.

For more resources see Resources on the environment.

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