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These are designed as a ‘How to’ guide. They give you an overview of the topic, key facts and processes. They also offer a series of FAQs that you might find useful. HR topics from all stages of the employee life cycle are covered.

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Employment status

Is your team member an employee or worker? Are they self-employed or a limited company? Why is it important to get this right?

Equality act occupational requirements

Under the Equality Act 2010 there are some exemptions that apply to the work environment which allow employers to require employees to have (or not to have) certain protected characteristics. These are called Occupational Requirements (OR) and the burden is on the employer to show that there is an occupational requirement attached to a particular job role.

Adults talking during parents and toddlers' cafe ministry

Getting started: becoming an employer

Becoming an employer can seem daunting but the key is to get the basics right. This guidance provides information to parishes on how to get started, including payroll and pension scheme obligations and HR policies and processes.

Young volunteers interacting

Managing volunteers

Along with the benefits a volunteer brings, there are obligations as well. These guidance notes detail both expectations and obligations around recruiting, inducting and managing volunteers.

Maternity leave for paid parish workers

Guidance for parishes and parish workers about maternity leave.


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