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Resources for Artists and Performers

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London is bursting with artists and performers with over 50% of all performances in the UK taking place in the capital every year. Christians working in these industries face unique challenges as they seek to live out their faith as followers of Jesus and we have collated these support resources to help us as a church support creatives in our own parish settings. Click here to read an article on how to support creatives in your church

Parachurch organisations

The Haven


A network of Christian creatives including mental health and professional development support

HTB Stage and Screen


A network for Christians working in the screen and stage industry hosted by Holy Trinity Brompton

West End Has Faith


A Christian community seeking to support industry professionals within Theatre, Music & Dance.

Theatre Chaplaincy UK


TCUK (formerly The Actors Church union) offers pastoral and practical support to those of all faiths and none, who are engaged in the performing arts.

Nimbus Collective


Nimbus works alongside individuals, churches and Christian organisations to encourage creativity within faith, outreach, and in community.

Discipleship publications by Morphē Arts

Bible Studies for Artists


A series of short studies by Alastair Gordon exploring the creative character of God as the first artist

Bible Studies for Performers


A series of bible studies for graduate performers by Eleanor Young

Bible Studies for Designers


A series of 10 short studies for designers as a guide to daily devotions or group study by Alastair Gordon

Bible Studies for Writers


A series of 10 short studies for writers as a guide to daily devotions or group study by Ed Mayhew and Alastair Gordon

Discipleship publications by Artisan & Sparks Studio*

Recommended books

Heart of the Artist


Culture Making


The Artist's Way


The Character of Fashion


The Beauty of God


Redeeming Transcendence


*The views expressed above do not necessarily represent the views of the diocese of London. If you have any feedback or further recommended resources please get in touch with us here

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