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Belief: Exploring your vocation

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We believe that everybody has a calling. What’s yours?

Capital Vision 2020 calls us to prioritise equipping and commissioning ambassadors representing Jesus Christ in daily life, as we are called to serve amongst the people and places of our everyday lives. This is a vision for all Christians no matter what our calling – our vocation – we can all consider ourselves full time Christian workers.

www.ambassadors2020.org is an online resource provided by the Diocese of London in partnership with Premier. It shares stories of stories of people living out their faith at home, at work, as carers, designers, photographers, bankers, builders – in everyday life. It’s also a resource hub for churches looking to equip and commission people for that calling.

London Callings is an online resource to help people like you explore a calling to ministry in a church context. Take a look at some of the stories of ordinary people serving God in extraordinary ways across the capital.

The Diocese of London’s Ministry team provides a number of signposts and ideas to help you along your journey of discernment.


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The Bible

Young people reading the Bible in a group

Christians believe that one of the ways they may know God is through the Bible. The Bible records how countless people throughout the centuries have experienced God in their lives.

Exploring vocations

Is God calling you to work within his church? In one sense the answer to this question should be ‘yes’ for all Christian people. But this will mean different things for different people.

People at a candlelit service

Finding faith

The Christian faith is a journey into the mystery of the love of God.

Volunteers to sleep rough to help West London churches expand their night shelter provision this winter.

Living as a Christian

To live as a Christian is to have life opened up for us by God.


Person lighting a candle for prayer

Prayer is just speaking to God. And yet there is no ‘just’ about it: we pray not on our own, but in the name of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Spiritual direction

Exploring and growing in faith together.

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To worship something is to give it worth.