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/ 24 March 2017

Statement of solidarity from City of Westminster Interfaith Leaders

Interfaith leaders from within the City of Westminster have come together to issue a statement of solidarity following this week’s attack on Westminster.


1. We are members of Pathways, a group of faith leaders and representatives in St John’s Wood and Marylebone in the City of Westminster, who regularly meet together to foster good relations between our communities and to work on matters of mutual concern.

2. Fundamental to all our religions is the message of peace. We believe that human beings have a duty to work for peace and seek to build good relations with their neighbours.

3. We deplore the attack which took place in and around the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday. Anyone claiming a religious motive justifies an attack of this nature has repudiated the tenets of their faith.

4. We wish to express our sympathy and solidarity with those who have suffered and also those who are bereaved. We will pray for them in our churches, mosques and synagogues.

5. We salute the courage of P.C. Keith Palmer who gave his life in the attack and are grateful for the prompt response of the police and emergency services.

6. We commemorate the dead, in accordance with each of our religious traditions.

7. We recommit ourselves to work together for peace and reconciliation not only in the City of Westminster but in the world.


Peter Bennetts, Central London Mosque and London Cultural Centre
The Revd Anders Bergquist, Vicar of St John’s Wood Church
Rabbi Alexandra Wright, Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St John’s Wood
Dayan Ivan Binstock, St John’s Wood Synagogue
Rabbi Helen Freeman, West London Synagogue
Rabbi René Pfertzel, The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St Johns Wood
Rabbi Rachel Benjamin,The Liberal Jewish Synagogue
Rabbi Yisrael Elia, Lauderdale Road Synagogue
Rabbi Jeremy Gordon, New London Synagogue
The Revd Dr Jeffrey Steel, Parish Priest Church of Our Lady, St John’s Wood
The Revd Stephen Evans, Rector, St Marylebone Parish Church
The Revd Clare Dowding, Rector, St Paul’s Church, North Marylebone
The Revd Jeremy Tayler, Curate, St Johns Wood Church
The Revd Aidan Platten, St Mark’s Church, Hamilton Terrace
The Revd Michael Redman, Presence and Engagement Representative, Marylebone

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