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/ 19 July 2016

St Mary Hampton scoops first London Eco Church award

St Mary's Hampton being presented with the Eco Church Award during a Sunday service

St Mary’s Church Hampton has been awarded the first Eco Church award to a parish church in the Diocese of London. The award was presented by Andy Atkins, CEO of A Rocha UK, in the course of a usual Sunday service in July.

Where Hampton has blazed a trail, others are following hard on its heels. St James Piccadilly has now also been granted a bronze Eco Church award.

Eco Church is the new Christian environmental scheme for churches run by A Rocha UK. It provides tools to help churches weave their response to environmental issues into all that they do.

In a time of unprecedented environmental stresses, Eco Church enables churches to respond to God’s mandate to human beings to care for His creation, by integrating environmental care throughout their church’s life and mission.

The Diocese of London has been encouraging churches to sign up to Eco Church. About 300 churches have done so around the UK, including 16 churches so far in the Diocese of London.

We previously set a challenge of eleven churches to be signed up – then each to recruit eleven more! That would total 132 in all. Well we have now barrelled past our First Eleven, so now we need to move on to the next phase.

Now we are aiming for 40 churches signed up by the end of 2016, with four of them receiving awards.

Eco Church works through self-assessment by means of an online questionnaire, leading to the achievement of bronze, silver and gold awards. These awards recognise churches for their environmental attainment across a wide range of areas, including care of buildings and churchyards, energy-saving, recycling, food and lifestyle, worship, preaching and teaching, engagement in communities and the wider world.

Eco Church is supported by a comprehensive range of resources, with online links including to pages on our own website. These resources are useful in their own right, as well as in support of churches working towards their award.

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