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/ 31 July 2017

Plans unveiled for floating church in East London

Design concept for new floating church

The Diocese of London has announced plans for a new floating community hub based in East London.

The plans for the hub have been unveiled at a consultation taking place on board the Elsdale II, a canal boat leased from the charity Groundwork South.

If the Diocese is successful in its bid for planning permission, it is anticipated that the Elsdale II will serve as an interim vessel, hosting the community hub whilst a new, bespoke vessel is constructed.

Under what is being proposed the new floating community hub would be run in partnership with the churches St Paul Old Ford and St Mary of Eton, and will help serve the communities based in Hackney Wick, Sweetwater, Eastwick and Here East.

As well as providing a venue for Christian worship, the hub will also provide a place of learning and well-being, and be available for hire for, among other activities, community development programmes, children’s theatre, art exhibitions, business functions and interfaith celebrations.

The Right Revd Adrian Newman, Bishop of Stepney, said:

“The plans which have been unveiled for a new floating church in East London displays the innovative way in which the Diocese is seeking to spread its ministry and support local communities. The designs for the hub itself are very striking, and I look forward to seeing this vision become a reality.”

The consultation will run on board the Elsdale II, moored at Canalside, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, from 30 July to 5 August.

Consultation: Get on board

Come along and find out more – the ‘Elsdale II’ is moored immediately south of Eastway Bridge (A106) by East Bay Lane.

30 July – 5 August Monday – Friday 11.00–20.00 Saturday & Sunday 13.00 –18.00

Open to everyone, our proposed Floating Community Hub will offer a fresh and inspiring presence in Hackney Wick. It aims to serve the growing number of local residents and visitors, providing a base for a new interfaith community, and contributing to cultural activity on the waterways. A place for education, wellbeing, celebration and quiet contemplation.

Our ambitious design concept will change the standard of vessel found on the waterways, and offer an efficient, practical space that aims to significantly contribute to the creative and spiritual wellbeing of the communities that live around the canal.

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